A willing spirit

In Psalm 51:10 David asks God to renew him. Then in verse 12 (CSB) he says, “sustain me by giving me a willing spirit.”

The idea of a “willing spirit” resonates with me because it’s something I also want… especially on those days when my spirit is stubbornly UN-willing!

An UN-willing spirit neglects God, neglects Jesus’ teachings, neglects the needs of others, and is generally apathetic.

In contrast, a WILLING spirit seeks God, honours Jesus’ teachings, is sensitive to the needs of others, and pursues good in the world.

So today, pray David’s prayer throughout the day: “Give me a willing spirit.”

When you’re getting ready for the day, when you’re in the car, when you’re doing a boring task, when you’re having a laugh, when you’re making a to-do list, when you’re unsure, when you’re engaged in conversation, pray, “Give me a willing spirit.

Pray it like a broken record that isn’t broken.

When you do that, I think God will help you seek him, honour Jesus’ teachings, be more sensitive to the needs of other people, and be more eager to pursue good in the world.

Give me a willing spirit…

By Matthew Ruttan

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