Limited opportunities or eternal possibilities?

This week I was reading Psalm 143:11 where David says, “For your name’s sake, LORD, let me live” (CSB).

He was in trouble and called out to God for help. As a part of that, he asked God to let him live for the sake of his name.

But what does that mean?

It means that if God helps him and preserves his life, David will live in a way that honours, glorifies and praises God (instead of just living for himself).

Notice that he doesn’t say, ‘For the sake of my happiness, LORD, let me live’ or ‘For the sake of my comfort, LORD, let me live.’

No. He says, “For your name’s sake, LORD, let me live.”

Living for God means:
-acknowledging him as the source of your very breath
-thanking him for the heart beating inside your chest
-trying to honour him with your words and actions
-putting him first before any other competing interest
-sharing his goodness and love with a hurting world

When you only live for you, you distract your life with limited opportunities. But when you live for God, you focus your life on eternal possibilities. 

You may not always see the results right away, but God has a way of expanding and extending your faithfulness into other people’s hearts, and into and beyond a horizon you can’t yet see.

Which life do you choose? The one with limited opportunities, or eternal possibilities?

“For your name’s sake, LORD, let me live.”

By Matthew Ruttan

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–Bible quotes are from the NIV.
–“Up!” is published 5 days a week (Monday – Friday) and returns on December 2.

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