Motives are weighed by the Lord

Hi everyone. Happy new year! After a short post-Christmas break, the “Up!” daily devotional is back and looking forward to a good and God-honouring 2020.

At this time of year a lot of people make “resolutions.” They resolve to do something better or differently. According to, some of the most popular resolutions have to do with getting healthy, improving finances, being organized, or improved self-care.

We Christians also want to improve ourselves—regardless of what time of year it is and whether or not we make a formal ‘resolution.’ After all, we want to grow in our faith year after year.

Today I simply want to encourage you to examine the motives behind your resolutions or commitments. Proverbs 16:2 says, “All a person’s ways seem pure to them, but motives are weighed by the LORD.”

Motives matter. Are you jumping into the self-improvement game for selfish reasons that are just about advancing your own personal kingdom and happiness and aren’t really connected to your discipleship behind Jesus? Or are you doing it for God?

Author and pastor Mark Batterson says: “God is for you. The question is, are you for God?”*

If your heart has faulty intentions, are selfish, and don’t honour God, you probably need to change your plans.

As you look over the horizon of the next 12 months, examine your motives and recommit yourself to living for God.

God is for you. The question is, are you for God?

By Matthew Ruttan

–Today’s devotional is connected to my Sunday sermon, “Asking God to establish your plans.” You can watch the 24-minute message on YouTube here.

–“Up!” has returned from a short Christmas break and resumes 5 days a week (Monday – Friday). Past issues can be read at

–*As quoted in Mark Batterson, The Power of If: Excerpts from If (Grand Rapids: Baker Books, 2015), 54.

-Bible quotes are from the NIV.
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