Lukewarm or loyal?

In the Bible, the word “love” is close to what we mean today when we talk about “loyalty.”

To love God is to be loyal to the God who made us, saves us, provides for us, and guides us no matter what we’re going through.

Consider Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego. In Daniel 3 they were told to worship the false gods of the powerful King Nebuchadnezzar. If they didn’t do it, they would be thrown into a blazing furnace!

A. Blazing. Furnace!

Here’s what they said: “If we are thrown into the blazing furnace, the God we serve is able to deliver us from it, and he will deliver us from Your Majesty’s hand. But even if he does not, we want you to know, Your Majesty, that we will not serve your gods…” (verses 17-18).

Wow. THAT is loyalty. THAT is love.

What has COVID-19 revealed about your faith? Are you loyal to God no matter what? Or have you discovered that you’re a fair-weathered follower?

If you’re standing strong, heart rooted in a powerful and hope-filled Redeemer, that’s awesome.

If not, it’s never too late to drain your heart of lukewarm “faith” and fill it with a firm loyalty to our never-failing God.

Resilient people are loyal to God not matter what—the God who will prove to be loyal to them throughout this life, and into the next.

By Matthew Ruttan

–Bible quotes are from the NIV.

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