IHS: Integrity Holiness Simplicity

A man was walking through a cemetery and saw a tombstone engraved with I.H.S.

He wasn’t sure what it meant so he thought for a minute and then took a guess. “Integrity. Holiness. Simplicity.” These were good biblical things, he thought. As a result, they became a kind of personal motto. Every time he saw “I.H.S.” he was reminded of the kind of life he could lead.

He later learned that those three letters were actually short form for Jesus’ name in Greek: IHSOUS. But since integrity, holiness and simplicity are clearly commendable traits in the Bible, he figured that Jesus would be okay with his personal motto!

I’m not suggesting you get yourself a personal motto. What I am suggesting is that like this cemetery wanderer that we think proactively about how we too might be holy conduits of Christlikeness.

Integrity rather than hypocrisy. Holiness rather than assimilation. Simplicity rather than chaotic distraction.

Consider 1 John 2:6: “Whoever claims to live in him must live as Jesus did.”

Be proactive as a holy conduit of Christlikeness—for you, for others, for the kingdom come, and for the glory of God.



–The Up Devotional is published 5 days a week (Monday-Friday) and returns on June 7.

–Bible quotes are from the NIV.

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