Perpetual change and controversy?

Change is everywhere. That was true prior to the pandemic. But that was nothing compared to now.

In the past year and a half we’ve experienced (and are experiencing) massive change as we try to adapt to ever-evolving social realities and upheavals. Spinning is not a way to see clearly. We are becoming increasingly polarized as a society. There seems to be a new major controversy every three months.

I was speaking with some retired pastors who have seen and been through a lot. “We’ve never seen anything like this,” they say.

Are there some good things? Yes. But let’s not pretend something big isn’t happening.

Many people are not well. Many are exhausted. Many are at their wits end. Many are confused. You could throw words like anger and desperation into the mix.

We are being pushed. And pulled. At the same time.

I wonder. What if COVID-19 wasn’t a blip? What if it was ushering upon us the start of a new era of perpetual upheaval and illness? And when I say “illness” I’m not just talking about our bodies.

It’s hard to be sure.

Either way, the importance of walking with the Lord has never been greater. You can’t survive without him. Nor can you have the wisdom, strength or hope you need without his unshakable word.

The key to surviving a storm is soaring under the wing of the One who rules the skies.

Focus less on what matters least and more on who matters most: “the Lord God Almighty, who was, and is, and is to come” (Revelation 4:8).


–Bible quotes are from the NIV.

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