Un-broken promises

Hebrews 6:18 says: “it is impossible for God to lie…”

We sometimes say that “all things are possible with God.” As we should. After all, Jesus said it in Matthew 19:26!

When we say that we need to remember the kinds of things we’re talking about: good things which are consistent with his character. They can include miracles, significant life-change, or wonderful promises coming true.

But there are in fact things which are impossible for God to do—like lie. That’s what it says in Hebrews 6:18. He can’t go against or betray himself. In John 17:17 Jesus says that God’s word “is truth.”

This is a fortifying word for weary days. Broken promises are becoming so common that we’re not very surprised when it happens. That’s sad. And it can be heart-breaking.

But in a world of broken promises, God’s promises remain unbroken.

Think of his promises… about salvation and reconciliation in Christ, about his word, about always being with you, about caring for you, and about guiding you. The list goes on. True. True. True. True. True.

You may not be able to see them, but you are standing on the firm and unflinching promises of the King of kings. He’s the one who made you, who saves you, and who will see you through. No matter what.

Be confident.

In a world of broken promises, God’s promises remain unbroken.


–Today’s devotional is connected to my latest sermon called Your Soul Anchor. Click here to watch or listen.

–Bible quotes are from the NIV.

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