Are you headed in the right direction?

A lot of people wonder if their life is headed in the right direction. Am I doing the right things? Am I setting the right priorities, and am I living by the right priorities? 

Let’s not be unclear: Your life is always headed in the right direction if you’re following the right person. 

And that person is Jesus.

There may be uncertainties, struggles, and pain—but your direction is good if you’re following God. You may not know where you’re going… but he does!

John’s Gospel goes to great lengths to tell us that Jesus is God come to us in human form: “The Word [Jesus] became flesh and made his dwelling among us” (John 1:14). It makes sense, therefore, that trusting him and following him is the hands-down very best use of your time, energy and life.

You may have questions about what you’re studying or about your work, or about your family, finances or health. Life isn’t easy. The path may twist, turn or do a jig. You may even be persecuted for your faith. It’s not called the “narrow path” for nothing.

Oh, and you can’t just say you believe and not live differently as a result. It’s not belief if you’re playing make believe.

But God has come to us personally and invited us forward. As a result, we can have confidence that even though we might mess up from time to time—or day to day!—the thing that matters most is always before us.

You may not know where you’re going, but Jesus does.

Your life is always headed in the right direction if you’re following the right person. 


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One thought on “Are you headed in the right direction?

  1. Following Christ is a great idea on a bunch of different fronts:
    1) He has all the ideal character attributes. So trying to be like him will make you better.
    2) He will personally make you better.
    3) He will send help where you cannot help yourself.
    4) He will show you what to do in difficult circumstances.

    And the list goes on. Thanks for sharing.


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