A reset if you’re barely holding on

“We all stumble in many ways” (James 3:2).

Many of you are reading this on a Monday.

Mondays can be a downer. They’re certainly not the weekend. Many of you are headed back to work, school or other things that remind you that life has unavoidable responsibilities.

But Mondays are also a kind of re-set button. There are times when you want a “do over” from the week before. Maybe you somehow missed the mark and want to try again.

I’m guessing that this desire is even stronger given all that is happening in your life right now. Fatigue comes in many forms. There is weariness and emotional dizziness, frustration and confusion. And so…

If you’re barely holding on, you had better be holding on to the right things.

Maybe it’s obvious but having limited energy, time, patience and strength means you have a limited amount of energy, time, patience and strength. So doesn’t it make sense to be spending that limited energy, time, patience and strength on the right things?

Things like prayer, worship, serving others, scripture, friendship, tending to your household—and yes, rest.

If you’re reading this on a Monday, hit the right kind of re-set. With whatever energy, time, patience and strength you happen to have, hold on to the right things, and let go of the things that aren’t.


–Bible quotes are from the NIV.

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