Our fears are afraid of God

Fear is all around us, and sometimes within us.

That’s why Psalm 27:1 needs to be invisibly tattooed on our heads and hearts: “The LORD is the stronghold of my life—of whom shall I be afraid?”

It’s a rhetorical question. The answer is ‘No one!’

Recently I was listening to a song by Ross King on Life 100.3 FM. In the chorus he sings a powerful prayer: “The things that I’m afraid of are afraid of you.”

How awesome is that! We may be afraid of things, but those things—including demons, darkness, death, Satan and fear itself—tremor at the feet of our Almighty God, the King of kings and Lord of lords! (Revelation 19:16).

As you walk through the dark valleys of our times, say out loud the resounding truths of God which are invisible hand grenades against despair and deception.

The Evil One would love nothing more than to intimidate God’s people into a rabbit hole. 

But that liar and loser will ultimately fail!

The things that we may be afraid of are afraid of God!


–Ross King’s song is called “The Things That I’ve Afraid Of.” His website is here.

–Bible quotes are from the NIV.

You can also listen and subscribe wherever you enjoy podcasts:

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