Help is never far away

In the cartoon version of The Pilgrim’s Progress, there is a scene near the beginning where the main character, Christian, falls into the swamp of despondency.

It is an allegory so the swamp is meant to remind us of a place into which we fall mentally, not physically. The mud isn’t really mud; it is the fears, doubts and discouragements that cling on to a person and drag them down.

Christian is sinking. Just as he realizes he cannot get out of this mess by himself, he calls out, “Help!”

As if out of nowhere, a man immediately appears, reaches down, and pulls him to safety. Turns out, the man’s name is Help! Christian thanks him, they talk, and the mud-spattered pilgrim continues on his way toward the Celestial City.

As he walks into the distance, his rescuer calls out a reminder: “Help, in some form or another, is never far away.”

Since God is not limited by geography like we are, Help’s comment about help is literally true. And so, that is what I say to you. Help, my fellow pilgrim, in some form or another, is never far away. 

As you go through your day, why not ask God for help (out loud) whenever you need it. When you’re feeling low… or behind schedule… or flustered… or hungry… or alone… or too busy… or rejected… or confused. 


In the words of Psalm 40:17: “You are my help and my deliverer; O my God, do not delay.”

So why not ask him?

Help, in some form or another, is never far away.


–*The Pilgrim’s Progress was written by John Bunyan. The cartoon adaptation was produced by Revelation Media and directed by Robert Fernandez in 2019.

–Bible quotes are from the NIV.

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