Impact bias

In yesterday’s devotional I talked about your soul’s appetite.

Fill it with the wrong thing and be eternally corroded; fill it with the right thing and be eternally contented.

In light of that, I suggested that you think proactively about how you are responding to your deepest longings since they can only and truly be satisfied by God.

Here’s some more motivation.

There’s something called “impact bias.” Basically, when one of our appetites is stimulated it further concentrates our attention on that thing and makes us want more of it. Think of the implications. If you feed a good appetite, you will want more of good things, but if you feed a bad appetite, you will want more of bad things.

There are many good and godly things that are worthy of our time and attention: loving and serving others, God’s word in the Bible, meaningful fellowship and friendship with others, worship, prayer, soul-satisfying music, volunteering, enjoying nature, deep and refreshing rest, and laughter.

These things can honour God and also make us want more of the same. Why? Because they centre our lives in Jesus.

In John 6:56 Jesus says: “Whoever eats my flesh and drinks my blood remains in me, and I in them.” You’re right; it sounds kind of intense! The Greek word for “eats” can also be translated as “gnaws” or “crunches.” Yikes! But Jesus is speaking metaphorically. To believe in him is to feast on him. In other words, truly walking with Jesus involves inwardly ingesting and being satisfied by his truth, love and presence.

The practices I listed above can all be ways in which we feast on Jesus. As we do so, not only will we be being faithful, but we will be directing our spiritual appetites away from soul-corroding things, and toward soul-satisfying things.

Be mindful of “impact bias.” What you do shapes you.

Feast on Christ. 


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