Truth matters

We moderns can sometimes shy away from the idea that there is such a thing as objective truth—at least in the realm of spirituality or ethics.

Perhaps we hear people having heated discussions and think they just want to win arguments and look superior; so we throw up our hands since it all seems so distasteful.

Or perhaps we think that the serious pursuit of truth is all about following rules that matter to somebody else.

If you have fallen victim to these ways of thinking, here is a word for you: Truth makes your life better. 

God shares his truth with you and wants you to live in the truth of Jesus because he loves you. He loves you too much to lie to you. Satan, on the other hand, lies to you because he hates you. You are made in the image of the God he abhors.

Just as a loving parent is honest with their child, teaching them about what the world is like and what they need to know to be successful, so too does our heavenly Father treat us.

In Ephesians 6:14 Paul writes: “Stand firm then, with the belt of truth buckled around your waist…” Friends, let’s be honest. No one wants to be caught with their pants down on the day of battle. So put your belt on!

Here are some truths. You are made in the image of God. He loves you. You have value. He has a purpose for your life. His promises and words are true. He called you to know him and to grow in Christlikeness. His hope is real. His peace is real. His light proves victorious over darkness.

Truth makes your life better. Know it. And live it.


–“The Devil is the father of lies, and other truths from Jesus.” That’s a Bible study podcast on John 8:39-47. Click here to listen or tune in to ‘The Pulse Podcast with Matthew Ruttan’ wherever you subscribe.

–Bible quotes are from the  NIV.

You can also listen and subscribe wherever you enjoy podcasts:

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