Tears of sadness to gladness

I’ve been reflecting on Jesus’ tears. John 11:35 is the shortest verse in the Bible: “Jesus wept.”

But that’s not all he did. After his friend Lazarus had died, and after seeing Mary and Martha crying, Jesus “was deeply moved in his spirit and greatly troubled” (verse 33). The phrase “deeply moved” could also be translated as “indignant.”

Death and Satan still swung their battleaxes, and the kingdom of God still had—and has—ground to take. 

Jesus then gave a great command and summoned Lazarus from the grave! As people watched, a guy who looked like a mummy walked out of the tomb!

What Jesus did then still has meaning for us now. Yes, he showed his power over death. But he was also providing us with a glimpse into the future of what will happen for all of his people.

A movie trailer gives you a sneak peek into what a full movie will be like. It’s a teaser. That’s one way to think about what happened outside Lazarus’ tomb. Jesus gave us a sneak peek into what will happen on that great and glorious Day of the Lord for everyone who trusts in him.

Death will be dropkicked and launched out of the stadium. Tears of sadness will be turned to tears of gladness. Satan will gasp his last. Evil will dissolve and disappear. The love of God will fully and finally reign without restraint.

Jesus wept. Maybe you do too. But those tears fall down and fertilize a garden of future hope. 

Tears of sadness will be turned to tears of gladness.

Trust God.


–Bible quotes are from the NIV.

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