Consider others better than yourselves

Lately I’ve been thinking a lot about how individualistic our society has become. Basically, “individualism” is a way of thinking. It’s living like your own immediate needs and wants are more important than the needs of the wider community. It’s a Me-Myself-and-I way of life. I’m not saying your own needs aren’t important. But they’re … Continue reading Consider others better than yourselves

Do we REALLY want community and friendship?

There are popular buzzwords that tell us what people value. A few examples are ‘environmental sustainability,’ ‘transparency,’ ‘wellness,’ or ‘balance.’ Two more biggies are ‘community’ and ‘friendship.’ It’s easy to SAY we want these things, but not fully realize what we’re asking for. The truth is that real community and friendship are often messy. It … Continue reading Do we REALLY want community and friendship?