A worship state of mind

Today, let’s worship God. ‘But Matthew, it’s not Sunday.’ Well, yes—you’re right. It’s not. But worship is an all-the-time thing, not just a some-of-the-time thing. Theologian John Piper writes that “worship means consciously knowing and treasuring and showing the supreme worth and beauty of God.”* Oh yes. While there is something special that happens on … Continue reading A worship state of mind

What if God was Einstein and we were ants

Imagine a small child wandered into an operating room at a hospital only to discover their daddy cut open on a table, surrounded by doctors holding knives and wearing weird masks. Oh, and there’s blood all over the place. Naturally, the child would scream out, “Nooo! Stop hurting daddy!” The child simply didn’t realize that … Continue reading What if God was Einstein and we were ants

Sing the truth into your heart

The word “minister” isn’t just a noun—it’s a verb. To “minister” to someone is to serve someone, or to care for someone, especially in a spiritual context. In the past month I’ve heard people say that someone “ministered” to them through a friendly conversation. Another person felt that someone “ministered” to them when they prayed … Continue reading Sing the truth into your heart