Cape does not enable user to fly

Proverbs 12:22
“The LORD detests lying lips…” (NIV)

Today’s Thought
Some days it feels like we live in a blame culture.

Maybe it’s just me, but it often seems like people are experts at playing the victim and blaming others for their own misfortune.

In saying this I realize that some people are actually victims. They’ve been seriously harmed by someone and are suffering through the consequences. I don’t belittle that. But that’s not what I’m talking about in this devotional.

What I’m talking about here is the propensity to avoid—at all costs—taking responsibility for your own actions.

A sign on a baby stroller said, “Remove infant before folding stroller for storage.” I’m serious. It actually said that. It makes me wonder why that warning was there in the first place. I’m guessing that someone tried to fold up a stroller without taking their kid out first and decided to sue the stroller company!

Or get this. A tag on the cape of a child’s superhero costume said, “Cape does not enable user to fly.” You can’t make this stuff up!

I’m not saying that you’re a blamer. But what I am saying is this: If we’re not careful we can easily start to blame our bad decisions on somebody else.

Today, own your junk. After all, you’re responsible for your choices. And moaning ad nauseum on the sea of Woe-Is-Me has never made the voyage more pleasant for anyone.

It’s really just about being honest. With others, with God… and with yourself.

You can’t build a better you on a foundation of self-deception.

By Matthew Ruttan


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