A Person who demands your confidence

Matthew 28:8
“So the women hurried away from the tomb, afraid yet filled with joy…” (NIV

Today’s Thought
Holidays and traditions are great. I love big meals, hot cross buns, and Easter egg hunts as much as the next guy.

But when the things we do start to eclipse the meaning behind WHY we do the things we do, we need to re-evaluate.

Easter is about the resurrection of Jesus from the dead. And because we celebrate that mind-blowing fact every year, we can easily forget to think through the implications for our own lives.

Bible scholar Luke Timothy Johnson says the most important question about Jesus is whether he is dead or alive. If you think he’s a great teacher who simply came to an untimely end on the cross, you’re living like he’s dead.

But if you believe he’s God-in-person, raised and ruling, then you should be living like he’s alive. That perspective should make a colossal difference in your life.

That’s why, each Easter, you need to shake off the calorie haze and ask yourself this soul-searching question:

I am open to the resurrecting power of God in my life and in the world?

Friends, if God did it then, he can do it again. The resurrecting power of God wasn’t a one-time thing. It’s an ongoing thing. Because of that, your life can be different. It can be bold and courageous because you are open to God’s ongoing resurrecting power.

Pliny the Younger was a ruler in the early 2nd century in Bythynia. He led trials of Christians. If they didn’t renounce Christ he would kill them. He even gave them three chances! And time after time, they chose to die for their faith rather than renounce their master.

The resurrection changes things. It turned the disciples from cowards into lions of courage.

Back then. And now.

You may not be on trial for your faith. But you can live a transformed life because after the resurrection all things are actually possible.

Are you open to the resurrecting power of God in your life and in the world?

Do you believe that? (Or do you just say it?)

World-class literary critic C.S. Lewis say it like this. When it comes to Jesus, you are not faced with “an argument which demands your assent, but with a Person who demands your confidence.”

Jesus is alive. The tomb is empty.  So live like the resurrecting power of God isn’t just something that happened, but that continues to happen…

In you.

By Matthew Ruttan

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