When many things are important none of them are

Ephesians 2:10
“For we are God’s handiwork, created in Christ Jesus to do good works…” (NIV)

Today’s Thought
15 years ago one of my co-workers had a habit of writing important things on sticky notes and pasting them around his computer screen.

He soon ran out of space. So when the area around his computer screen was full, he started sticking them on his desk, and then on the wall.

But when you have that many “important” sticky-note reminders, how do you know which is the MOST important? You don’t!

When that many things are important… none of them are!

That’s like our heads. We make little mental sticky notes about important things to remember. We see or hear things like “Seize the day” or “Stay positive” and think to ourselves, ‘Yeah, I gotta remember that one.’

But like my co-worker’s office, you accumulate so many mental sticky-note reminders that they all start to fade in importance.

That’s why I think you should focus and do this:

Today, write down your God-centred purpose.

I know it sounds weird, but I still think you should do it. Literally write it down. Take a scrap piece of paper, grab a pen, and do it.

  • “Today I’m going to respectfully stand up to my boss because I’m made in God’s image.”
  • “Today I’m going to turn off my phone and be emotionally available for my kids.”
  • “Today I’m going to finally go for a run because my body is a temple of the Holy Spirit.”
  • “Today I’m going to ____________________________.”

Attention-deficit disorder used to be someone else’s diagnosis. Now it’s a part of your D.N.A.

When you write down your God-centred purpose, you’re pulling yourself back from the thousand possible flight paths before you and training yourself to come back to your God-centred ground zero. The result is a less scattered you.

I’m going to do it too. Hold on a second…

Okay, I’m back. Wow, that felt good. And I’m guessing my day is going to have more godly focus as a result. Now it’s your turn. Grab a pen:

Today, I’m going to _____________________________.

When you live like everything is important, nothing is. So make a choice.

By Matthew Ruttan

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