Speak Life (and a request for some help)

A few words can alter someone’s life:

“You got the job!”
“It’s a boy!”

When we think about life-altering words, we usually think about big events with photo-ops and months of planning.

But you can also have a positive, life-altering impact in your everyday conversations with the people around you.

“I’m proud of you.”
“You got this!”
“I’ll pray for you.”

Proverbs 18:21 says, “The tongue has the power of life and death…” Think about that for a second. Your words can wield more life—or more death—in someone else’s existence.

Singer Toby Mac has a great way of framing it in his song “Speak Life”:

“Some days the tongue gets twisted;
Other days my thoughts just fall apart.
I do, I don’t, I will, I won’t,
It’s like I’m drowning in the deep.
Well, it’s crazy to imagine,
Words from our lips as the arms of compassion,
Mountains crumble with every syllable.
Hope can live or die.
So speak Life! Speak Life!
To the deadest darkest night!”

Your words have the power of life. And that’s true whether you give speeches or wipe noses, and whether you’re 12, 50 or 99 years old.

Choose life. And speak it. Today.

By Matthew Ruttan


In a few days I’m giving a workshop about the Up! daily devotional. As a part of that, you could really help me out if you answered this question in one sentence:

What do you find most helpful about the “Up!” daily devotional?

Not only would your answer provide some insight, but it would also help spread the word to others as the Up devotional continues to grow and reach more people. Thanks! And remember, it only has to be one sentence! Just comment on this post or send me a message.

What do you find most helpful about the “Up!” daily devotional?

6 thoughts on “Speak Life (and a request for some help)

  1. The UP devotional provides me with a moment to reflect on my life and grounds me in my faith, helping me to be a better person each day.


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