If you’re thankful, do this

In 1 Thessalonians 5:18 Paul writes, “Give thanks in all circumstances…” At first blush, I think, ‘Yes, absolutely.’ But then I think about the words “all circumstances.”

Really? Are you sure? ALL circumstances? Even when you’re cranky, when your friends “forget” to invite you to the game, when the baby wakes up at 3am (for good), or when the Visa bill is bigger than you think it should be?

Or just the circumstances where everything his hunky-dory?

When Paul says to “give thanks in all circumstances” he’s not suggesting we pretend everything is great all the time. (It’s not.) Instead, I get the sense he’s suggesting the Thessalonians consciously and deliberately think about everything God has done for them… How he provides, guides and protects them through the power of his goodness in every season of life.

That’s why gratitude is a habit you have to cultivate. It isn’t just something you think about; it’s something you do.

Thankful people thank people.

If you are thankful—if you are truly grateful—for God’s goodness in your life, then you deliberately show your gratitude to others. You pay forward kindness. You pay forward love. And you also pay forward gratitude.

Thankful people thank people.

It’s just one way to show God—in a very practical way—that you appreciate how incredibly much he has done for you.

By Matthew Ruttan


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