Mark Clark was getting a lot of criticism by his family.

They said that because he consistently read his kids the Bible and explained who Jesus was (and is), and because he explained God’s hope for the world, that he was “brainwashing” them.

If you’re a person of faith, have you ever been criticized like that?

I love how Mark replied. He said that he wasn’t the one doing the brainwashing. Our culture was doing that!

TV shows are doing it! he replied. Some music is doing it! A hundred other things are doing it!

(By now I’ve hopefully got you thinking. Your blood might even be starting to boil.)

So what do you do?

1. Be suspicious and proactive about the one thousand cultural messages—about things like values, power, sex and the meaning of life—that are bombarding you and your family every single day.

2. Be confident in learning and teaching from the Bible.

Recently I was reading Philippians 2:15 where Paul encourages his readers to be “blameless and pure” as children of God in the midst of a “crooked and depraved generation.” They are to shine “like stars in the universe.”

That wisdom still stands.

So shine. And don’t be bullied into snuffing out your candle.

If you are humbly, lovingly and consistently learning and teaching God’s word… you’re not the one who’s doing the brainwashing.

By Matthew Ruttan

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2 thoughts on “Brainwashing

  1. I completely agree with you and Mark. And wow. This is what we’ve come to? These are scary times.
    As long as a parent presents the truth and is clear not to judge others and show an openness to love all people there is no brainwashing.
    I was once married to a person who I would say brainwashed me and at least one of our children for a time– and it was not with regards to faith. What he forced upon us, was a very black and white picture of the world. He would say “this is good; that is bad.” It was constant. He dominated our minds. This is brainwashing as it was “his” right and wrong based solely upon what he though (believed).
    To tell a child, this is what I believe…I believe in the Bible, God and God’s laws is a fine thing to do (and correct in my belief), but we must leave the choice of whether it is going to be their system of values and belief up to them as part of the free-will plan.


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