Has anyone ever called you “judgy”? It’s short for “being judgmental.”

Whenever I write about being judgmental, I’m obviously not in favour of it. As Jesus says in Luke 6:37 (NLT), “Do not judge others, and you will not be judged.” Sounds like good policy!

But today I’d like to focus on another angle.

Sometimes people call you “judgy” or think you’re being “judgy”…

When you’re NOT.

And guess what? You’re allowed to think differently than other people. You’re allowed to express an opinion that goes against the majority.

That doesn’t make you “judgy.” That makes you a thoughtful human being.

Granted, you should never come across as superior. If the love you exude can barely fit into a thimble, and if your words make Carla from the show Cheers look like Mother Teresa, you may need an attitude adjustment. So yes, you need to humbly speak with respect and love.

But if you do, it’s okay to have a different perspective.

Quite often, thinking and acting in a way that is consistent with your beliefs—and not what everyone else thinks is popular or trendy—is the faithful and right thing to do. If you talk and act in a gracious way, and people still say you’re being “judgy,” it may be a case of someone trying to silence you because they simply don’t like what you’re saying.

Just because someone says you’re “judgy” doesn’t necessarily mean you are.

Be humble, speak respectfully, and act lovingly.

Don’t be intimidated.

You’re not defined by how liked you are by others, but by how loved you are by God.

By Matthew Ruttan


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