Does Jesus need to be more Christlike?

I sometimes see posts from a satirical website called The Babylon Bee. They put out funny stories about faith, Christianity, the church and our culture. They’re not real stories. They just make them up, usually basing them on current issues for a laugh.

For example, one story was about how a guy was really praying to hear from God—while his Bible remained unopened right in front of him!

Recently I saw one about a woman who read the actual Gospel stories of Jesus and was very offended by them (and him). She went on record to say that Jesus “should be more Christlike.”

That’s right, after reading what Jesus actually said and did, and realized that a lot of what he said and did contradicted what she herself thought was right, she accused Jesus of not being enough like… himself!

The story was written to be funny, but it was a commentary on what a lot of us do. We think we know more than anybody else what it means to be Christlike… and sometimes even more than Jesus himself!

So what’s my point?

When it comes to being more Christlike, humility and maturity grow each other.

I’m not saying that you shouldn’t be confident about certain things. And I’m not saying that all interpretations of Jesus and the Bible are true. But I am saying that we’re all works in progress. The more humility, the more maturity; and the more maturity, the more humility.

In Philippians 2:7 we read that even Jesus humbled himself taking on “the very nature of a servant.”

Are you right sometimes? Yes.
Are you wrong sometimes? Yes.
Do all of us have work to do to be more Christlike? Yes.

The ones who have every single detail figured out, and who seem to know what Jesus should say and do even when it wasn’t what Jesus said and did, are often the ones who have locked him outside.

By Matthew Ruttan

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