When your faith becomes a punching bag

“You know that Jesus wasn’t a real person, right? You know he was just based on ancient myths, right?”

That’s what a friend said to me in university.

And do you want to know how I replied? It was a REALLY profound response that made them stop in their tracks, change their mind, and immediately embrace the truth. I said:

“Um… well… ah… what did you say?”

See what I mean? What an amazing rebuttal! (Not!)

At this time of year, a lot of arguments come out against the historical existence of Jesus.

Some say that the nativity stories in the Bible are contradictory. Some say that Christmas is just a pagan holiday. And some—like my friend—say that Jesus is just based on some ancient myth, paralleling other ancient hero figures like Horus or Mithras. My question for you is this.

How would you respond to those challenges?

After that experience with my friend, I put myself through the torture of reading some books by the supposed “experts” who said these things. I discovered what many others have found. That the Jesus-is-a-myth argument doesn’t hold up to historical scrutiny.

One author said he came up with the theory after reading the Egyptian Book of the Dead. But when actual Egyptologists questioned the details he was forced to say he couldn’t remember where he had read them! And he was the one who many other people had based their opinions on!

Today, no serious historian doubts that Jesus was a real historical figure. H.G. Wells was an atheist historian who said, “Jesus Christ is easily the most dominant figure in all history.”

The Christian faith can sometimes seem like a punching bag. So as we approach Christmas, and as details about your faith get challenged, how will you humbly defend your beliefs?

If you don’t intentionally build yourself up in faith, someone else will be more than happy to try and tear you down.

By Matthew Ruttan

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