You’re not starting at ground zero

In North America depression is on the rise. But why?

It’s a complicated topic, but psychologist Martin Seligman says we have replaced church, faith, and community with a tiny little unit that cannot bear the weight of meaning—and that tiny little unit is “the self.”

What I think he means is that when people used to try to figure out who they were and what their purpose in life was, they were quicker to lean on and benefit from the wisdom of their wider community and faith tradition.

But today, since many people devalue those things, they try to make it all up on their own from scratch. And since they can’t handle the weight of this task by themselves… it often crushes and depresses them!

We need to take into account the deep, biblical wisdom that God has generously given to his people throughout all generations. And here’s a taste:

You are his. Your value is uncontested. Because of your faith in Christ, your eternity is secure. And in this life you’re enlisted in his incredible, renovating cause to make our society and relationships reflect something more of heaven on earth.

Sound meaningful? You better believe it!

So as you try to figure out who you are and what your purpose is, remember that you’re not starting at ground zero: You are starting at the empty tomb; and you are standing on the shoulders of a faithful risen Saviour who is unrelentingly committed to spreading hope throughout the world.

When you feel overwhelmed by life remember the overwhelming love of God. You are his. Your value is uncontested. And your purpose is wonderfully tied to the God who is making all things new.

And know this: As walk the path, you are not alone. As Jesus says in Matthew 28:20, “I am with you always, even to the end of the age.”

By Matthew Ruttan


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