Faith isn’t about convenience

Years ago my brother Deric told me a story that has always stuck with me.

In an effort to be financially disciplined he used an “envelope system” for his money. When he did his monthly budget, he put different amounts of money into different envelopes. One for groceries, one for gas, one for entertainment—that sort of thing.

It was all about spending money wisely and sticking to the plan.

One day he drove across Nashville to buy a CD. When he got there he realized he hadn’t taken money from his “entertainment envelope” ahead of time. So instead of using a credit card, he drove all the way back home, got the money, and drove all the way back to the store to buy the CD. Talk about discipline!

He stuck to the plan even when it was inconvenient.

There’s a word of wisdom in there for us too. We may or may not be employing the “envelope system,” but I think we experience spiritual growth when we stick to a plan even when it’s inconvenient.

What’s your plan? Is it drawing closer to God? Or prioritizing certain relationships? Or living in a certain kind of way? Or contributing to your community? Or growing as a disciple of Christ?

Whatever it is, life has zillions of inconveniences. They whisper in your ear that the easy way out and the path of least resistance is always the best option. But are you going to let those nattering minions perpetually dive bomb your eyes and throw you off track?

Or are you going to stick to your guns? Proverbs 25:28 (NLT) says, “A person without self-control is like a city with broken-down walls.”

Today is a new day. And sometimes the battle plan needs to be insanely simple: Stick to your guns.

Faith isn’t about convenience. It’s about Christ. 

By Matthew Ruttan 

  • My recent ‘Simplify‘ series now has a homepage where you can link to a 12-minute YouTube video summary I put together, and also links to all the full-length podcasts and Bible passages. Here it is. Enjoy!


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