Standing out and blending in

I’m a Christian who is also trying to be a Christian.

Does that sound strange?

What I mean is that I am a Christian because I have professed my loyalty to Jesus as the Lord of my life. But I’m also trying to be a Christian because I know there’s still a lot of work to do as I try to follow him and be more like him.

It’s a work in progress. I’M a work in progress.

Can you relate? 

It can be easy to reduce our faith to a name. To say we’re Christians but to not actually follow him. But in comes Matthew 10:38 where Jesus says this to his disciples: “Whoever does not take up their cross and follow me is not worthy of me.”

I think that if we’re leaning on God’s strength, being led by the Holy Spirit, and doing our faithful best to follow him (and not just some vague idea of him), we will venture into a life of loving self-denial and go the places he wants us to go…

-to the places that require bold faith
-to the places where we’ll be summoned to love the unlikable
-to the places where we’ll need to speak the truth even if it subjects us to ridicule

But do you want to know one of the reasons we hesitate? It’s because we don’t want to stand out. Mark Batterson says it best: “…if you’re truly in touch with God, sometimes it’ll appear as if you are out of touch with reality.

Being different because of our faith can make us look strange to other people, as if we’re “out of touch with reality.” It can even be lonely. And that holds us back.

But standing out for the right reasons is a good thing. With Jesus there is purpose, forgiveness, power, healing, truth, love and eternity!

Today my point is this: It’s better to stand out for Jesus than to blend in to a lesser life.

By Matthew Ruttan

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