Getting in the way of God’s way

Here is what Jesus preached in Matthew 4:17: “Repent, for the kingdom of heaven has come near.”

The “kingdom of heaven” refers not only to life after death, but to the quality of our lives before death.

In this sense, the “kingdom of heaven” and the “kingdom of God” are the same. Maybe it’s obvious, but they are about God being King. They are about our King renewing and restoring all things and people (like he promised he would) through the teaching, death and resurrection of Jesus.

But a lot of people miss out because THEY would rather be the ones in charge of their own lives.

I get that. I really do. This is the temptation that many of us face on a daily basis. We would prefer to be the masters of our own domain.

But if you always want YOUR way you may be getting in the way of GOD’S way.

That’s the thing about God’s kingdom. It’s God’s. Not ours. And whenever we live as if we’re the King (and not God), we’re somewhat closing ourselves to the power of his kingdom in our lives today.

Philip Yancey writes: “Human beings do not readily admit desperation. When they do, the kingdom of heaven draws near.”

When we admit we don’t have all the answers… and desperately need help… and need the overflowing truth and love of God in our otherwise parched lives, we open ourselves to the life-lifting work that only God can do… and the kingdom of heaven draws near.

Be humble. Trust God. It’s HIS kingdom (not yours). And when you let HIM be the King, things always turn out better. No offence, but he’s smarter, stronger and more loving than you are.

In what areas of your life is your King not welcome? I think you should open the door.

If you always want YOUR way you may be getting in the way of GOD’S way.

By Matthew Ruttan

–“What Christian parents are told to teach their children?” That’s my latest blog and you can read it here. If you’re a Christian parent I sure hope you do!
–Bible quotes are from the NIV.

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