Not disqualified

When we’ve made mistakes or experienced failure in the past, we can mistakenly think that we are defined by those experiences on an ongoing basis and that God has no further use for us.

But as I said yesterday, God is not limited by your limitations. To think that your previous failures handcuff God’s power and love in your life is to seriously underestimate God’s power and love.

Your previous chapter does not disqualify you from the next chapter.

Noah “became drunk and lay uncovered inside his tent” (Genesis 9:21). The great Moses “killed [an] Egyptian and hid him in the sand” (Exodus 2:12). King David committed adultery (2 Samuel 11:4). And Saul (later called Paul), sought to “destroy the church” (Acts 8:3).

Have you made mistakes? Have you felt like a failure? Join the club.

The game ain’t over.

YOUR game ain’t over.

Open your mind to the ongoing love and power of God. Your previous chapter does not qualify you from the next chapter.

By Matthew Ruttan 

–Today’s devotional is related to my most recent sermon: “Forging ahead when you feel like a failure.You can watch it on YouTube here.

–Bible quotes are from the NIV.

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