Forgiven people love people

In Luke 7:41-42, Jesus told a story about two people who had their debts forgiven. One of them had a particularly big debt erased. As a result, they reeeeeeaaaally loved the person who forgave them. No kidding!

In verse 47, Jesus summarized his point like this: “whoever has been forgiven little loves little.” Or, put another way, whoever has been forgiven a lot loves a lot!

When we live our day-to-day lives seeking to love God and the people around us, it can start to feel like a duty if we’re not careful. Like a box to check. Like something that is getting in the way of other things we’d rather be doing.

But Jesus takes our thinking to a whole new level. When we realize how much we’ve been forgiven, and also how God continues to be so good to us, we start to love others from a place of radical gratitude, not just duty.

Radical gratitude leads to love.

Are there days when following Christ’s teachings seem like a lot, especially when we’re tired and worn down? Sure. Are some days better than others? Yes. But remembering what we’ve been given flavours why we give, and is another burst of wind in our sails.

Grow your perspective, grow your gratitude.

Whoever has been forgiven a lot loves a lot.

–Bible quotes are from the NIV.

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