Calling on the name of the Lord

The writer of Psalm 116 had experienced trauma—the “griefs of the grave,” as it is stated in the Geneva Bible translation.

Whatever his particular affliction, he had called out to God for help, and received it!

In gratitude and thanksgiving he said he would “call on the name of the LORD” (verse 13). We’ve heard those words before. But what do they mean? 

It’s a statement which, when you look at the surrounding context, brings together a few different ideas. 

It is talking to God in prayer; it is looking to him for the wisdom we need for life; and it is pledging our ongoing allegiance.

Who or what do WE base our lives upon? The perspective of a select number of news outlets, our social media feeds and their finely-tuned algorithms, or our friends (as nice as they are)? What about a political party, blind traditionalism, or “progressive” woke ideology? Perhaps a favourite actor, celebrity pastor, or musician?

We live in a world of ideas, personalities, agendas, and competing loyalties. Some are good, some are not. From what I’ve seen, many peple are confused, mentally paralyzed and increasingly uncertain.

But we can be a people of humble confidence and clarity.

The very foundation of our lives is the living God. What was true for the psalm-writer is true for us. God is the one who creates us, sustains us, and leads us forward with his goodness, mercy and truth.

Let’s talk to him in prayer; look to him for wisdom; and pledge to him our ongoing allegiance.

Those who have been called to faithfulness, call on the One who is forever faithful.


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