When promises are stabilizing handrails

The writer of Psalm 116 had been through trauma. He cried out to God for help and received it.

To show his appreciation he said: “I will fulfill my vows to the LORD…” (verse 14).

It’s telling that fulfilling his vows is a part of how he shows his gratitude. Since God had been true to him, he knows he needs to be true to God.

But there’s another angle to consider as well. Living up to promises is a way to bless and support others. We are not silos. Our lives intersect and interact with others. So when we keep our promises to God and to those around us, we are a reliable and trustworthy presence to someone in the midst of a world that doesn’t always feel very reliable or trustworthy.

What promises have you made? Who have you promised to be? Have you promised to live out baptismal vows? Have you made a promise to a friend or to someone in your family? 

Our commitments to God and to each other are stabilizing handrails in a world of moving parts and slippery slopes.

People of the Word are people of their word. 


–I discuss the point made in today’s devotional in more detail in this sermon titled “Avoiding the post-pandemic crash.” You can access listening or watching options here.

–Bible quotes are from the NIV.

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