Tears have a way of bringing clarity

“Those who sow with tears will reap with songs of joy” (Psalm 126:5).

The Pilgrim’s Progress by John Bunyan is the best-selling English devotional book of all time outside of the Bible.

It’s an allegory of the Christian life. The main character, Christian, decides to leave the City of Destruction and experiences all sorts of ups, downs, personalities, battles and insights on his way to the Celestial City.

Recently our family watched a cartoon adaptation of Part One. There’s a scene where Christian is speaking with Evangelist. Christian is peering into the distance trying to see the gate to the narrow path, but he’s having a hard time because he is crying.

That’s when Evangelist tells him to stop wiping away his tears. “Look through [your tears],” he says, “sometimes tears have a way of bringing clarity.”

Talk about profound. Sometimes tears have a way of bringing clarity.

The last few years have swelled the banks of tears within our souls. But what if honesty about what makes us sad could clarify the true source of our hope? What if honesty about our vulnerabilities could help us trust God with greater sincerity? And what if talking about what makes us angry or impatient could loosen the grip of unwelcome mental guests, and shift our attention to the places we need to let go and grow?

What has been your greatest lament?

Sometimes tears have a way of bringing clarity.


–The cartoon adaptation of The Pilgrim’s Progress was produced by Revelation Media and directed by Robert Fernandez.

–Keith and Kristyn Getty contribute not only a voice to the production, but include this song: Psalm 24 (The King of Glory). Take a listen, it’s great!

–Bible quotes are from the NIV. 

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