Illness has an end-date

There are seven miraculous “signs” in John’s Gospel. One is the healing of a boy with a death-threatening fever. “The royal official said, ‘Sir, come down before my child dies.’ ‘Go,’ Jesus replied, ‘your son will live’” (John 4:49-50).

But what purpose do these signs serve? They certainly provide compassionate help! But they also confirm Jesus’ identity, compel deeper belief, and show us how Jesus does his Father’s work.

But there’s more. When Jesus heals this boy he is reminding us that one day, when the full kingdom of God comes in power, there will be no more illness.

It is as if he is grabbing a little bit of that future and bringing it back into his own time and place and plunking it down in front of everyone’s eye-popping gaze as evidence of this marvelous existence that is yet to come. 

He is giving us hope because illness has an end-date for God’s people!

Let’s imagine a world without illness. Imagine hospitals disappearing, no more children with leukemia, no more heart attacks or cancer, and no more mental illness.

Instead, imagine an existence with perfect peace, wholeness, celebration, and contentment in the very presence of our Good Shepherd, Almighty God!

Illness and death have ravaged the earth and our lives—and if not us personally, then people we love.

But those days are numbered. Resurrection life is on the march. Victory is guaranteed. The eternal Lord with nail marks in his hands says so.

Illness has an end-date for God’s people. Forward march. Have hope.


–Sermon. April 3, 2022: “Hope is knowing and showing that better is coming.” Click here.

–Bible quotes are from the NIV. 

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