For ALL people (Epiphany)

Today is Epiphany. Um, what?  “Epiphany” means “manifestation.” Historically, it’s a day when Christians mark the manifestation (or appearing, or showing-forth) of Jesus to the gentiles—in other words, to ALL people (not just Jews). It’s associated with the visit of the wise men who came from a faraway country: “When they saw the star, they were … Continue reading For ALL people (Epiphany)

What is the (real) reason for your hope?

“You don’t actually believe in God, do you?” “Why on earth would you read the Bible?” “What reason would possibly make you want to go to church?” Have you ever heard any of those questions? I’m guessing yes. And unfortunately, many of you feel overwhelmed and unprepared to give a response when someone questions your … Continue reading What is the (real) reason for your hope?