Focus less on loses and more on gains

When we think of a “witness,” we perhaps think of someone testifying in a trial. They have seen something personally which they speak about publicly. As a result, truth and justice are served.

But this isn’t without risk. In fact, there is often a consequence to being truthful. In the New Testament, the apostles were called witnesses. They had walked with Jesus, saw him alive again after the crucifixion, and were entrusted with his message. As they shared their testimony with others, it often got them in trouble, and sometimes killed. In fact, our English word “martyr” comes from the Greek biblical word for “witness.”

But this didn’t deter them. In Acts 5:41 we read that after being flogged, they left the Sanhedrin who had been questioning them, “rejoicing because they had been counted worthy of suffering disgrace for the Name.”

So yes, there is sometimes risk, and there is sometimes a cost. But those risks and costs are not greater than the benefits and rewards.

The apostles knew it, and so can we.

We too can be witnesses for Jesus. This happens when we speak or “testify” about him and his goodness and power in our lives and world. We can have a meaningful role to play in helping others learn more about the One who is the Way, Truth and Life.

A witness can’t be silent and effective at the same time. So speak in humility, love, and in a way that is real to your own experience. You don’t have to be an expert, just honest.

Instead of focusing on what you have to lose, focus more on what someone else has to gain.


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