How’d no complaining go?

7 days ago I proposed the 7-Day No-Complaint challenge. (You can see that post here.)

The idea was simple. Wear a watch or bracelet, and every time you complain about something irrelevant, switch it to the other wrist. Quite simply, it makes you more aware of how much you’re complaining—and hopefully helps you dial down the useless verbal diatribes.

But what about me? How’d it go?

I think it went pretty well. I used a bracelet my daughter made me. And it definitely ping-ponged back and forth several times. On a few occasions it made me pause and ask, ‘Is this a legitimate complaint, or am I just being a jerk?’

But here’s what I also found: Complaining people seem to create more complaining people. Maybe that’s why Paul quotes the Greek poet Menander in 1 Corinthians 15:33: “Bad company corrupts good character.”

Being around people who complain a lot is like being shot with a poisonous dart loaded with ingratitude.

So what do you do?

First, simply be aware of it. That’s half the battle.

And second, in your dealings with others, be wise about who’s infecting who. Instead of being infected with negativity, infect with positivity.

With love, with faith, with truth, and with gratitude.

Our 7-Day No-Complaint challenge is technically over. But maybe it’s just beginning…

By Matthew Ruttan

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