Life’s golden sweet spot

In high school I loved to sit around and play guitar and sing with my friends.

Sometimes the best part was coming up with harmonies. When we hit the right notes it was like sliding into a golden sweet spot.

But since we were pretty new at it, our guitar chords would occasionally be out of whack, and our harmonies would be… well, how do I say it? Not good!

In music they call it dissonance.

The art of life is harmony. And I’m not talking about music. What I mean is that you hit a golden sweet spot when your beliefs and actions are in tune with each other.

In Mark 12:33 Jesus says the first commandment is to love God “with all your heart…” He means your whole being. So if you want to love God with your whole being, but are living in a way that contradicts that desire, you’re living with dissonance because your beliefs aren’t matching your actions. It goes against the kind of deep soul-satisfying harmony you can experience in life.

This idea is even picked up by the American Heart Association: “Examine your values and live by them. The more your actions reflect your beliefs, the better you will feel…”

I echo that!

What are you doing today that is inconsistent with your beliefs?

When your actions reflect your beliefs, you slide into that golden sweet spot called harmony. You may not get it right every time. But when you keep practicing, and when you keep leaning on the Lord for help, the music your life makes can move mountains.

By Matthew Ruttan

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