Things that renew you (not drain you)

Learning how to rest.

That’s something I’ve been teaching and talking about lately. Why? Because of what it says in Exodus 20:8: “Remember the Sabbath day by keeping it holy.”

But this can be hard. Many of us know rest is important, but we don’t do it as much as we should. Life gets busy, and the faster you go on the hamster wheel of modern life the harder it is to get off.

After talking about this on Sunday, a few different people approached me for some advice about HOW to rest. What kinds of things should we do, and what kinds of things should we avoid doing if we’re to truly cease and desist from the rat race pace?

Although there are several important nuances to Sabbath rest, here’s a good guideline when planning some of your activities: Do things that renew you not drain you. 

You probably already know what they are. If something takes mountains of planning or leaves you utterly exhausted, I can virtually guarantee it’s not restful.

But if something helps you connect with God, lifts your spirit, or bonds you to the important people around you, it may very well be a great and godly use of your time.

God doesn’t command rest because he wants to make life harder for you; he does it because he wants to make life better for you. God is a loving Parent who wants his children to experience purpose, joy, peace… and to be at their best.

To do that he knows we need rest.

So what is your next day of rest? Seriously, picture your schedule. Identify the day. When you have it in mind, and as you consider the kinds of things you may or may not do…

Do things that renew you not drain you. 

By Matthew Ruttan

-Today’s “Up!” is partly based on my Sunday podcast called “Tirritated.” You can listen in here. Enjoy!

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