Every once in a while people feel compelled to invent a new word.

One of them is “Hangry.” Have you heard of it? It’s a combination of “hungry” and “angry.” As you may very well know from personal experience, when you’re hungry you’re not at your best—and sometimes angry. Hence, hangry! Lol

So recently I decided to make up a word of my own. When you put together “tired” plus “irritated” you get “Tirritated”!

Let’s face it. When we’re tired we get easily irritated. And it’s not usually because what we’re dealing with is overly unsolvable. It’s often because we’re tired and don’t have the mental capacity to think clearly. Fatigue runs sour buttermilk through the engine of your brain.

That’s why rest is so important. In fact, it’s so important that God commands it. He doesn’t do it to make life harder, but better!

But first you need to acknowledge the problem: That you’re neglecting godly rest. 

“But Matthew,” I can hear some of you saying, “if you only knew how busy my life was you’d know that I just can’t slow down!”

I think God anticipated that line of thinking. That’s why Exodus 20:11 says, “in six days the Lord made the heavens and the earth… but he rested on the seventh day.” Even GOD HIMSELF rested. So here’s the thing. The moment you become busier than God you have the right to say you’re too busy to slow down.


So, do you get tired or irritated? It can happen to any of us. That’s why it’s important to acknowledge the problem and trust the Bible when it says it’s best to rest.

Join with me in the fight against tirritation.

By Matthew Ruttan


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