The helpee

Today I want to talk with you about love—but from an angle you maybe haven’t thought much about.

Usually when we think about love, we think about how God wants us to be proactive in the love we have for one another. In John 13:34 Jesus says, “As I have loved you, so you must love one another.” And then in Matthew 22:39 he says to “love your neighbor as yourself.”

Being proactive about love is something to strive for.

But how many of you are good at ACCEPTING help from someone else? After all, if you’re supposed to be loving toward one another, that means that sometimes you’ll be the one giving it, but sometimes you’ll be the one receiving it.

The reason it’s important to think this through is because a lot of us are not very good at accepting help from others. And yet, the help people offer us is often an expression of their love for us.

Many of us want to be “strong and independent.” And that can be good in many situations—very good. But with that mindset we can also dismiss the help people offer us because we think it means we can’t handle stuff on our own.

But that doesn’t make you strong. It makes you stubborn.

Sometimes you’re the helper. And sometimes you’re the helpee. And that’s okay.

All of us need God. And more often than not, we need one another too.

By Matthew Ruttan

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