There is hope for you too

After looking in the tomb where Jesus’ body had been (and not finding it), Luke 24:12 tells us that Peter “went away, wondering to himself what had happened.”

The word for “wondering” could also be translated as “marveling.” He was marveling at the events. At this point in the story I get the sense that a cross with blood was still dripping in Peter’s conscience. Why? Because he had denied Jesus three times (Luke 22:54-62) before his teacher and friend was brutally murdered. So perhaps in that moment, after not finding Jesus’ body, Peter started to think that maybe—just maybe—it wasn’t the end of the story.

I think it’s safe to say that all of us have had moments of failure. There have been times when we haven’t lived like believers. We’ve neglected God; we’ve neglected the needs of his people; and we’ve done the easy thing instead of the right thing.

But if there was hope for Peter, there is hope for you too.

Peter would go on to see the risen Jesus. He would serve him in a variety of ways—not because he was perfect, but because he was forgiven and trying to be faithful.

With Christ, failure is a footnote in your life not the headline of your life.

God’s capacity to forgive and renew you is greater than your capacity to mess up and fall on your face.


If there was hope for Peter, there is hope for you.


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–Bible quotes are from the NIV.

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