An avalanche of gadgetry

Sometimes, habits that seem totally unrelated to your “spirituality” are totally spiritual.

Let me tell you what I mean.

We live in a time of increased gadgetry. You might even say that we live amidst an avalanche of gadgetry.

For example, smart phones have become ever-present. And they can do everything except fold the laundry!

In general, gadgets that used to be considered a luxury are now considered a necessity. Like microwaves.

Many of us think that our gadgets and smart phones will somehow make our lives easier. Or make them less complicated and give us more free time.

But if we’re not careful, they can make our lives more complicated and more frustrating. Instead of giving us more free time, they give us less!

So what does this have to do with spirituality?

The avalanche of gadgetry threatens your peace of mind.

Phones beeping in the night disrupt your calm. Overly complicated toys need continual repair. And when you gain a few extra minutes because of your technology, you often just stuff your agenda with something else.

For me, Psalm 46:10 continues to be a comfort, and a challenge: “Be still, and know that I am God.”

We need time to be disconnected. When the mind can calm itself. When we can focus our thoughts and prayers on God in stillness. To reflect on his majesty.

If you need some suggestions…
-What about “blackout periods” when you don’t check email.
-When you wake in the morning, read your Bible before checking your phone.
-Change your settings so you only get notified about what’s truly important.

Do you see it? Habits that seem totally unrelated to your “spirituality” are totally spiritual.

You were made for great things.

And a mind that doesn’t rest well is a mind that doesn’t work well.

By Matthew Ruttan


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