Dealing with stress…

Have you ever dealt with stress?

Wow, all of your hands just shot up at once!

Dr. Tim Cantopher explains that the word “stress” is from the world of engineering. Think of a bridge. When it is bearing a load that is heavier than it is designed to carry, it is “under stress.”

With that in mind, here is how he defines stress: “Stress is experienced when a person is pulled or pushed in a direction that they would not normally take, or at a pace at which they would not normally proceed, or with an impetus that they would not normally experience. They are enduring a force for which they are not designed.”*


So what’s to be done?


Psalm 46:10 famously says, “Be still, and know that I am God…” Lamentations 3:26 also comes to mind: “it is good to wait quietly for the salvation of the Lord.”

It can be hard to hear God’s voice of grace when you’re running at a breakneck pace.

Quietness. It doesn’t make all your stress go away. But it can slowly re-introduce a more peaceful perspective when your brain is full of frantic voices and pressures you were not designed to bear.

Go for a walk. Shut off your phone. Go for a drive in the country. Saunter. Carve out some alone time. Close your eyes to pray… and just listen.

Cultivate quietness. Listen for the Lord. And rise above a load you were never designed to bear.

By Matthew Ruttan

—Please note that after today (Friday, February 1), “Up!” will go on pause until April 22nd. I know, it’s a long time! But after three full years of daily devotionals I’m taking a much-needed rest. 🙂 Back issues are all available at, and you can buy the book on Amazon Canada here and Amazon America here.

—The full MANUSCRIPT to my recent ‘Heaven and Hell’ teaching series is now available for free download. You can do so here.

—Bible quotes are from the New International Version.

—*This quote is from Cantopher’s book Overcoming Stress.


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